Why Choose NLT?

We do not need payment for our tournaments until closer to tournament time.  Once we are 3-4 weeks out from playing we will send you a link to pay for the tournament. We have found over the years that online payment is the best method to use for our tournaments. Also, in the event of a cancellation or a rain out our refund process is expedited by using online payments.  We also DO NOT charge an administrative fee if you choose to play elsewhere or if you don’t get any games in.  We want your team to play where you feel is best. If that isn’t with us, that is okay!

We do not contract with hotels to force teams to “Stay to Play”. Knowing that travel sports are already expensive, one of the ways we keep cost down for parents and coaches is to use facilities in towns / cities that do not contract us to stay in their hotels at an above average rate.  We believe coaches and parents have the right to sleep wherever they want.

Most of the teams we host are +A to AA with a few Rec. League all-star teams mixed in as well. We seldom see AAA ball clubs at our level. We want to see good competitive baseball games, so we do our best to match up teams that we feel are comparable in skill level on Saturdays.

We stick to an old school approach here… No individual or participation trophies are given out. We give 1 – 1st place trophy to the winner of the championship game.  2nd place teams do not receive a trophy.

Being very transparent, we don’t want any part of charging a gate fee or coordinating gates.  Gate fees are a hassle to collect and annoying to pay.  We understand all sides of it.  Our umpires get paid $60-$80 with some receiving hotel stays and travel money depending on how far they travel.  We originally planned to have $5 per day gate fees for everyone.  Facilities have expressed concerns about staffing and working the gate and didn’t feel they could manage it and we agree.  Our only option is to have a representative from each team collect and turn in the Team Gate Fee at check-in before their first game.  Each team will have a gate fee of $220 per team.  We accounted for each player having 2 attending spectators paying $5 each, per day, with an average of 11 players per team.  The Team Gate Fee covers your club. We don’t care for it but we don’t have any other options to make up the difference in rising costs to host tourneys.

We hope our gate fee policy doesn’t change your plans on attending our tournament but we do understand and respect if it does.  You will get no hard feelings and nothing but respect from us!

Never hesitate to reach out to us here at Next Level Tournaments. Any feedback is good feedback!

Thank you again for giving us an opportunity to host your ball club. You will get our best efforts!
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